Moran Refuse Service was established over 30 years ago and continues to grow.

Currently, Moran Refuse Service offers their services to over 3,500 customers. We aim to offer a consistent and reliable waste management service at an affordable cost. We are committed to our customers

Household Service

Moran Refuse Service provides this service under licence from the local authority to households in the East and South of Galway. Moran Refuse Service work very hard to offer their customers an easy and convenient solution for their waste and recycling management.

The green bin with the yellow lid contains all your clean and dry recyclables such as plastic, cans and cardboard. All other waste generated is collected in the green bins with green lids.

The brown compost bins is available in towns with a population of over 500. The brown compost bins are for food and veg waste.
To find out more information on our collection charges, please contact us.

What can my bin be used for?

Please click on your bin below to find out what it can be used for.